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In my 15 years as an art educator, we have seen many changes in the arena of technology. My wish is to integrate technology into the art classroom in ways that are meaningful to the students, in ways that they can carry with them forever. My role as the teacher is to facilitate their ideas in using technology in the art classroom, be it with our new notebooks, the lightsmith, digital & video cameras, iPods and more. Technology comes in many forms, but it is primarily digital – how well that connects then to an art classroom! 

Due to the ever-changing, upgrading face of technology, I have found that web pages are only effictive if one maintains them often. For me, blogs do it all. It is on this blog that I will be able to share everything happening in the art classroom. We will include informational text on grades K-5, photos from student examples and artists/techniques/styles we are exploring, video documentation on lessons, and iPod recordings that have students telling YOU what is happening in the art room.

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