Inspiration: Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

Obviously one of the most important & reproduced images in the world, Starry Night continues to inspire in the art classroom. Like the 4th graders & their sunflowers, our 5th grade students viewed, described, & identified (identified lines, brushstrokes, objects, etc.) a work of van Gogh’s. We watched a video about Vincent & listened to Don McLean’s “Starry Night”. Instead of reproducing the same image, we created our own Starry Night by choosing a different locale (van Gogh was in France). Each student used “brushstrokes” in a slab of clay to create a relief/additive work of “Starry Night in…” They chose a city or locale that meant something to them on a personal level. Their works are expressive, representative of the style of van Gogh, and like the sunflowers of the 4th graders, amazing.