The 4th & 5th graders have started a project known as tooling, a style and method of pressing designs into metal. At the elementary age, the heavyweight foil is our choice of metal, and the outcomes will be awesome! Students will first sketch their topic/theme, that will be copied onto tracing paper, the tracing paper will be used as a template to draw on the foil, the foil products will have an india ink wash on them and if some students finish early, they will add colored pencil to either the first sketch or tracing paper works! whew!

4th: (see pix below for 4th graders at work) Our topic will be insects (a favorite topic for this art teacher).

5th: Some classes will be working with outer space topics while others will have bluegrass instruments as a focus. Outer space is something the kids will be doing in their classrooms later this year and the bluegrass is something our music teacher will be doing – always a good thing to integrate!