Hey! Thanks for visiting our page! We are an elementary school in Hoover, AL and fortunate to have art and music programs throughout our district with full parent & community support. 

The art program I am establishing at Greystone is one centered around fine arts concepts such as art history, historical and modern artists, exploration of a wide range of media, and art aesthetics & appreciation. Crafts are wonderful for children to do and work with, but my hope is to depart a love of all things art, not simplified arts, with my students. I encourage parents to work with their children at home using crafts – this is quickly becoming a lost family connection and children are the ones who suffer. Arts & crafts done at home, in conjunction with arts education at school, develop fine motor skills, perceptual development, and mental creativity – all of which enrich and better our lives.

Please check back often as updates are created weekly!

M. Blue Horn
Art Educator