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We are now exploring solid shapes along with the big kids, but we are using model magic instead of straws and modeling clay. Next week, we paint our fish!


I’m still working with the kids (K-5) with skills that apply in art, math, and science. This is pure integration & collaboration – and it’s fun! Moving on from tangrams and visual puzzles, we are now working with pattern blocks. This time I’m using the camera to record their works and add to their portfolios.

The skills we are working on using the pattern blocks include:

– Recognizing and naming the pattern block shapes: square, triangle, parallelogram, rhombus, hexagon, trapezoid,  and diamond
– Using the shapes to create new ones: for example, 3 triangles can create a trapezoid
– Recognizing & creating symmetrical shapes
– Recognizing & creating patterns


Day 1 we tempera painted a simple background of a road with the sky coming down to the horizon line (vocab word!).

Day 2 we made our school bases after looking at a photograph of a real school bus and breaking it down into the simplest shapes. The kids then cut their buses out and we’ll glue them to the background.

First time I’ve done this lesson – I’m diggin’ the school buses.

Art concepts: lines, shapes (identifying shapes in animals), colors, horizon line, properly using & identifying tempera paint and noting the difference between it & watercolors used on previous lesson
Other concepts: recognizing & identifying native Alabama animals

Art concepts: line, shape, horizon line, properly using watercolors & paintbrushes

Our first project is going quite well! Day one we drew our sailboats, water, sun, & clouds pointing out the lines and shapes used to create them all. Days two and three will be used to fill in with watercolor… including how to hold our brushes like artists do and how to properly use watercolor.


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