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Art concepts: recognizing lines and shapes in nature, specifically the screech owl, branches & leaves; using tempera paint, brushes, and water properly; using our visual space wisely

Art concepts: line, shape, pattern, color

We’ve been working on this since the first week of school, they take awhile, but they look great when completed!

Every year I try to do buildings with K-2 students, they are a perfect subject for lines, shapes, patterns, the horizon line, and more. As students mature in fine motor & perceptual skills, we add more – so the kindergarten buildings are quite different from the 2nd graders’ buildings. We are into our final week in 1st and 2nd grade, we are using oil pastels & construction paper crayons.

Color, patterns, expressive & loose lines and shapes – a great 1st grade project any time. Matisse’s work is always fun to look at, describe, and interpret for kids. This project took us 5 weeks to complete: week 1 had us investigating and drawing elipses for our goldfish bowls, week 2 drawing tables with perspective, weeks 3 & 4 large, patterned backgrounds, our final day cutting out the goldfish bowl and table then using elmer’s glue to mount on our backgrounds. Outlining the table & goldfish bowl really made our work “POP!” – the results were incredible!


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