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In order to move from the art/math shapes to art/math FORMS or SOLIDS, i needed to find an artist that the kids would respond to – one that used solid shapes in his/her works and was FUN! Wayne was the man! Each grade level will be working on drawing and/or forming SOLID shapes based on the works of this artist. See some of his works here:

View some of our 2nd graders works (other grade levels to come):


Art concepts: line,  shape, space, blending, proper use of media, identifying & visually re-creating one of Alabama’s indigenous species

Every year, I try to teach a lesson on buildings/cities with each grade level. Circus cities are the step up from the 1st grade “Pattern Cities” and include additional art concepts such as detail and overlapping and blending.

Every year I try to do buildings with K-2 students, they are a perfect subject for lines, shapes, patterns, the horizon line, and more. As students mature in fine motor & perceptual skills, we add more – so the kindergarten buildings are quite different from the 2nd graders’ buildings. We are into our final week in 1st and 2nd grade, we are using oil pastels & construction paper crayons.

As with so many artists, I’m all about using recycled materials to create works of art. My 1st & 2nd graders produced monoprints using trashed laminating film. We used fall as our themes and painted abstractly across the surface of each “plate”. Fingers were used to draw the images, either leaves or a pumpkin, then we pressed a clean sheet of white paper upon the plates to produce our images. It was fun, messy, and highly addictive for them – some kids made up to 4 monoprints!

2nd graders create monoprints with fall leaves as their motif

2nd graders create monoprints with fall leaves as their motif


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