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3rd grade learned about the Italian painter, Modigliani and his inspiration from the Impressionists. Using exaggerated proportions and bright oil pastels, students reproduced their own Modigliani portrait. A remarkable job for the first art piece of the year!

Third graders took a look at the cupcake paintings by Wayne Thiebaud this week. We talked about the solid forms required to make a cupcake, the colors Thiebaud used, and began creating these cool works out of Crayola’s model magic.

TURN, SLIDE, FLIP – the math words used when working with geometric shapes. Turn & rotate are essentially the same thing, so we decided to use our first initials with any choice of shape behind it to create these cool works of art. Students drew their initial image in the first square, traced it, and turned the initial in each of the remaining squares.

We are still working on our “stained glass windows” using construction paper & tissue paper – the kids are doing a great job! If only we had more time than 30 minutes a week as we’re already into our 4th week of working on these!


I’m an amateur bird watcher and roosters just don’t come across my path that often, but when I do see them, I LOVE watching them! Have you ever looked at all of the colors on a rooster and how many different kinds there are? If not, take a look at some pictures on google images, or better yet, check out some of the rooster videos on youtube!

The 3rd graders had just finished up a realistic tropical bird project, so I thought using the same bird theme, it would be cool to try expressionism with them. The results were incredible – their individual personalities came out in each work of art. Take a look for yourself!


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