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We are now exploring solid shapes along with the big kids, but we are using model magic instead of straws and modeling clay. Next week, we paint our fish!

So this is my 3rd year at this elementary school and I’ve finally gotten to the point where my kids know what I expect from them & they know their art vocabulary. This lesson’s vocab included words like blending, horizon line,  and background… it’s great to NOT have to explain what I mean to these kids on those particular words & that leaves more time for them to work on their projects! Sweet! Anyhoo, we discussed blending on the pumpkin – I demonstrated – and then they were on their own. It was up to them where their pumpkins would be placed – pumpkin patch, kitchen counter, sidewalk, yard, etc. This was a one day project… I loved the results – they were all so different – which is why I teach art and not math! 🙂

Inspiration: van Gogh’s Sunflowers

We looked at van Gogh’s works, focusing on his Sunflowers & techniques, watch a van Gogh video, and listened to Don McLean sing “Starry Starry Night”. The sunflowers were simply inspiration for our own versions, van Gogh had his own technique and style of painting, but we learned and used various chalk techniques including blending – and then filled in our backgrounds with either a controlled scribble or crosshatch. Their works are simply amazing.

4th Grade sunflowers with chalk pastels

4th Grade sunflowers with chalk pastels

Color, patterns, expressive & loose lines and shapes – a great 1st grade project any time. Matisse’s work is always fun to look at, describe, and interpret for kids. This project took us 5 weeks to complete: week 1 had us investigating and drawing elipses for our goldfish bowls, week 2 drawing tables with perspective, weeks 3 & 4 large, patterned backgrounds, our final day cutting out the goldfish bowl and table then using elmer’s glue to mount on our backgrounds. Outlining the table & goldfish bowl really made our work “POP!” – the results were incredible!

I’m an amateur bird watcher and roosters just don’t come across my path that often, but when I do see them, I LOVE watching them! Have you ever looked at all of the colors on a rooster and how many different kinds there are? If not, take a look at some pictures on google images, or better yet, check out some of the rooster videos on youtube!

The 3rd graders had just finished up a realistic tropical bird project, so I thought using the same bird theme, it would be cool to try expressionism with them. The results were incredible – their individual personalities came out in each work of art. Take a look for yourself!


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